18 August 2017
I am absolutely flattered. The Caller, or Death Call (in German) has entered the official German Bestsellers List - Der Spiegel - at number 3. This is my highest position ever at the German Bestsellers List. t

11 August 2017
Book display in a bookshop in Germanyt

11 August 2017
Death Call (The Caller) is finally out in Germany. I hope all the German readers enjoy it

11 July 2017
Just finished filming a Serial Killer documentary episode for Sky TV. This is me with the interviewers

04 July 2017
This past Sunday, The Mail On Sunday selected The Caller as its "If you only pack one" choice for books.

28 June 2017
My publishing house is re-releasing The Night Stalker and One By One with new covers. I think they did a fantastic job

05 June 2017
A friend of mine just saw my new US release at Barnes & Noble

31 May 2017
Today I Am Death is released in the USA in hardcover format. Though this is the seventh novel in the Hunter series, it's only my second to be officially released in the United States. Fingers crossed that the book is as well recieved in America as it has been in the rest of the world.

This is the cover for the US Hardcover edition

02 April 2017
An article I wrote about Serial Killers has just been published by The Mirror Newspaper in the UK. Check it out if you same some time.


20 March 2017
After making to Number 1 in the Sunday Times Bestsellers List here in the UK, The Caller has now also made it to the top of the Bestsellers list in Australia.

Thank you so very much to all the readers down under for the amazing support. :-)

05 March 2017
''m so very proud to be able to announce that in its first week of sales, THE CALLER has entered the SUNDAY TIMES Bestsellers list at NUMBER 1.

I'm absolutely thrilled and over the moon. THANK YOU all so much for the most amazing support throughout so many years. You guys are incredible.

I'm going to go pass out now.

28 February 2017
'm really proud to announce that The Caller is in the Librarians' Choice Top 10 for March, voted by library staff all around Australia

02 February 2017
Great news for those who want to pre-order The Caller (out February 23rd) Amazon.co.uk has matched TESCO's price and you can pre-order the hardback version for £5.00

25 January 2017

16 December 2016
Here's the link for the opening chapter of The Caller. The link will be valid only until Monday, Dec 19th, when it will expire at midnight.

I hope you all enjoy it.

14 December 2016

09 December 2016

Exactly one week from today, on Friday December 16th, you'll be able to read the opening chapter from my forthcoming novel - THE CALLER

25 November 2016
I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for the Leserprei People's Choice award in Germany. I am very humbled to say that I Am Death was voted 7th best crime fiction novel of the year, which is simply superb. Thank you all so much so such fantastic support.

Click here for the final position chart.

17 November 2016
I’m very honoured to announce that for the fifth year running, one of my novels, this time - I Am Death - has been shortlisted out of over 4,000 titles in the “Crime Thriller" category, for the "Leserpreis" award. This is the biggest people's choice book award in the German-speaking region.

Readers can vote until Tuesday November 22nd. I believe you need to register with the site to cast a vote, so if anyone has a couple of minutes to spare, your vote would be very much appreciated.

Finally I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the readers in Germany for making I Am Death one of your favourite books of the year. I am truly honoured just to have been nominated.

16 November 2016
I am very happy to be able to reveal the cover for my forthcoming book titled - The Caller

The design team at my publishing house worked very hard in creating several different designs and we all decided in something that is simple, but in our opinion very effective. I Hope you all like it.

The Caller will be out in February 2017.